UL, SAICA bid for more CA’s

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) together with the School of Accountancy have introduced a learners’ development program in an effort to upsurge the amount of Black Chartered Accountants in South Africa.
The event, hosted on the Turfloop Campus, follows a statistics that indicates a wide gap that exists between Black, Coloured and White CAs in South Africa. With a standing figure of at least 36 000 registered CAs (SA), Blacks and Coloured practitioners are at least 4000.

SoA prepares students for work

The School of Accountancy (SoA) has led a graduate recruitment expo to educate the accountancy students about skills required to enter the labour market being fully-fledged personnel.

The 5th annual expo which took place at the University was part of accountancy plan to expose SoA students to the corporate world through partnerships with enterprises that students aspire to work in.