Sanlam Financial Planning seminar

This programme is sponsored by the Sanlam Foundation and is aimed at final year students to prepare them for the working world. In essence, these sessions give them a heads-up into the sometimes complicated world of money including answers the following:

  • Getting to grips with the economic difficulties in South today, and in particular, the effect on young professionals future prospects in the job market.
  • Introducing the concept of the “debt trap” - easily created and difficult to recover from. How to avoid it.
  • Understanding your salary slip. What are the major deductions? Understanding the difference between a salary package pre- and post-deductions.
  • Why it’s necessary to have a personal budget and on-going financial planning as you progress through life and your career.
  • Understanding the basic financial implications of setting up home, renting or buying a property and car.
  • Recognizing the financial implications of relationships like marriage, living together and having children.
  • Understanding the need for insurance (long term and short term), along with how to prioritize the most essential forms of cover.
  • Understanding the difference between saving and investing.
  • Understanding the investment time horizon and its implications
  • Introducing the various savings and investing options available in South Africa today, and identifying the pros and cons of each of these

The yearly seminar is presented independent speakers - one being the well-known columnist and financial speaker, Prof Matthew Lester from Rhodes Business School.